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Prosperiti Homes Private Limited is a collaborative vision of seasoned professionals having decades of experience in blue chip companies, au fait with technology, finance, realty, marketing etc.
Driven by an absolute passion for real estate, prosperiti homes with its strong land bank of 5 acres brings together a bouquet of projects that are meticulously designed with humans in the centre, technology around and the idea of enhanced living with the planet in mind.
The company prides itself on the ability to create meaningful products and build strong relationships by way of demonstrating excellence across all spheres of business


To build happy and holistic ecosystems for people to live and work in harmoniously.

We seek to be a people-centric company that constructs futuristic, sustainable, and thoughtfully designed structures that result in creating communities that nurture a delightful, rewarding life.


  • Being truly a human-centric business that ensure delight for both people and the planet in every way, possible
  • Being disruptive and bold, a harbinger of new ideas that will shift paradigms of the realty industry.
  • Constructing superbly engineered and maintained spaces. bespoke carbon-neutral buildings that are cost-efficient, energy saving and good for the environment.
  • Delivering projects that have lifetime value, while efficiently adhering to the assured timelines.
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EKAM: Premium 3bhk Sustainable Apartments


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Meet the board memebers

Let’s meet our directors

Every one of the six directors of prosperiti homes brings along a distinctive experience in technology finance, realty. healthcare, energy, marketing etc. and is driven by an absolute passion and drive to redefine the paradigms of the real estate landscape in india.


Jaya Pavan (JP)

JP is an accomplished professional with a strong track record of success. at prosperiti homes, he serves as a key member of the executive team, overseeing branding, executive management, and administration functions. with a deep understanding of the industry, jp is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence, he believes in the importance of “people’s delight” and “strong financial discipline” as the key drivers of success in real estate and is passionate about delivering outstanding results. jp completed his mba from pondicherry university and brings a wealth of experience from his previous role in sales, recruitment, and co-working startups. he is a natural leader and collaborator who inspires his team to perform at their best and achieve outstanding results.

Our Agent

Arjun Reddy

Arjun is an experienced entrepreneur who began his career as a builder following the completion of his mba from bangalore university, over the past two decades, he has successfully delivered numerous residential projects and oversaw layout development in multiple cities. at prosperiti homes, arjun is responsible for leading the construction function and bringing his extensive industry experience to the team. he is particularly valuable when it comes to critical situations related to operations, delivery, and partnerships, where his knowledge and expertise can help the company navigate complex challenges and achieve successful outcomes.

Our Agent

Venu Gopal

Venu is a business professional passionate about customer relationships and systems thinking. he firmly believes that building strong customer relationships is essential for any successful business, and he works tirelessly to ensure that prosperiti homes delivers projects on time and to the highest standards of quality. with a master’s degree from bits-pilani and an exec-pgdm from xlri, jamshedpur, venu is a lifelong learner who is always seeking new knowledge and skills. he is an avid reader and enjoys staying up-to- date on the latest developments in the real estate industry and beyond. before joining prosperiti, he worked on multiple epc projects related to telecom and solar infrastructure.

Our Agent

Siva Kyasa

Siva is a passionate advocate for sustainable development and the circular economy. before joining prosperiti homes, he owned a real estate services franchise of re/max and handled procurement at a 1000-bed super speciality hospital, drawing on his extensive experience in both real estate and healthcare, Shiva brings a unique perspective to his work at prosperiti homes. siva is an active participant in the strategy and planning committee at prosperiti homes, where he helps shape the company’s vision and drive growth. with a btech from sir m. visvesvaraya institute of technology and 19 years of experience in software development in canada, he is skilled in leveraging technology to enhance the real estate development process.

Our Agent


Raghavendra has a strong passion for real estate and a dedication to ensuring quality in the industry. his background as a chip designer at intel brings a unique perspective to his work in real estate development, particularly in terms of analysing market trends and using technology to improve building designs. his focus on customer perspectives and attention to detail in areas such as floor plans, built-up area density, and amenities helps prosperiti homes in meeting the needs and desires of its target market. his emphasis on quality also helps prosperiti homes to stand out in a competitive real estate market, potentially leading to increased customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Our Agent

Jaya Chandra (JC)

JC is an out-of-the-box thinker with a talent for generating creative ideas and solving complex problems. he brings his unique perspective and skillset to prosperiti homes, where he oversees customer service and land acquisition functions. as a nature and animal lover, jc is passionate about sustainable living practices and strives to ensure that prosperiti homes operates in an environmentally responsible way. he strongly believes that integrity is essential for business success and that building trust with customers is key to the real estate business. before joining prosperiti homes, jc spent 15 years as a manager at s&p capital iq, where he honed his skills in strategic thinking, problem- solving, and customer service. with his unwavering commitment to integrity, sustainability, and customer service, he is dedicated to ensuring that the company upholds its commitments and delivers exceptional results for customers, partners, and stakeholders.